Rockin' or Blues? Well ... which is it?
Rockin' or Blues?  Well ... which is it?

Muddy Waters was right when he sang "The Blues had a Baby, and they named it Rock-and-Roll". All that passion, all that energy, all that raw human emotion that makes Rock-and-Roll what it is ...  where did it come from? Rock inherited all this from it's direct parent: the Blues. This unique music form is truly indigenous to America, a legacy that we should treasure, preserve and relish.

RedHouse employs a two-fold strategy. First, embrace the blues with reckless abandon, tapping into all the passion that the blues embodies. Second, never forget to keep it rockin'!

Let's face it, not everyone fully appreciates the blues. For those who do, we have many hard-core blues classics lined up. But for the general public, the folks at the weekend festival who just want some really fun music for dancing, we have made sure to include classic rock tunes which have direct blues roots, and most of our classic blues tunes are delivered with energized rocked-up arrangements.

Blues and Rock? There is no conflict! They fit together like a hand in a glove. As passionate blues lovers, RedHouse makes a deliberate effort to leverage on the delicious synergy between the parent and child ... Rockin' Blues!

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