Music Samples
Click on the links provided to
hear samples of our work.

Check out our latest recordings from
our new Demo CD! You can request
a copy of our Demo CD, "RedHouse
at the Roadhouse", by contacting Phil,
or you can download iPod-compatable
MP3s of the Demo CDs songs here!

For a complete list of our current songs,
click here.

Live recordings from
JJs Blues Club

Soul Fixin Man 
Let The Good Times
Roll (excerpt)
Black Cat Bone 
Roadhouse Blues 
Wake Me Up Early 
Boogie Woogie Blues 

Tracks from our new Demo CD:
"RedHouse at the Roadhouse"!

Let The Good Times Roll 
Black Cat Bone 
I'm A Blues Man 
Baby Lee 
Soul Fixin' Man 
Roadhouse Blues 

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