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Design Consultation

GUI's and Object Oriented Design

Economic conditions combined with California's increasingly business-hostile climate has made it impossible for us to continue without drastic reductions in our standard of living.
Mark Jeghers is now in a full-time job position and unavailable for any contract services.
In the meantime, this website will continue to exist and morph into something new -- probably along the lines of a technology showcase and/or some useful web-based public service. Stay tuned and check back to see what happens...

In the September-October 1995 issue of "The X Journal", Mark Jeghers wrote an article entitled

"Architecting Large Motif Applications"

in which many potential pitfalls were discussed. Advice on tools, architectural shortcuts, industry fads, and many other topics were presented.

What was the point? That many software projects have failed, or yielded a lesser success than they could have.

The cause was not bad people. Usually, the people were fine. The problem was often incorrect assumptions going into the project. Favorite buzzwords, techno-political agendas, and even plain-old misinformation can lead projects down the wrong path. Design shortcuts can result in systems that are harder to maintain and more expensive to debug. C++ implementations with weak object models can end up just as entangling and convoluted as if they were done in C.

When offering design consultation, "Technology for People" strives to help you identify the correct goals to pursue, the priorities that will yield solid software foundations, and the object model that will best serve your software needs.

Do you want to build a technology that is truly for people? Plan a sound foundation. Need a guiding hand? Not sure where to start? We can help.
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