Clan shop

Note: some items in the clan shop must be pre-paid
in order for me to get the item(s). If it is a pre-pay item
it will have pre-pay next to the price. When you want to
order something just e-mail me what items you want
to buy and I'll notify you on runescape when I have them.
if  you order any pre-pay items I will go out immediately
to get the ordered item once I am given the payment for them.

Rune stones

 Air rune: 20gp each
 Water rune: 20gp each
 Earth rune: 20gp each
 Fire rune: 20gp each
 Mind rune: 20gp each
 Cosmic rune: 60gp each
 Nature rune: 250gp each
 Law rune: 300gp each (pre-pay)


Enchanted jewelry

Ring of dueling: 3000gp each
Ring of wealth: 45,000gp each (pre-pay)


Weapons and Armor

Any bronze items: offer payment
Any iron items: offer payment
Any steel items: offer payment
Mithril items up to sq shields: 
offer payment


Dragon weapons

Dragon scimmitar: 100,000gp (pre-pay)
Dragon longsword: 100,000gp (pre-pay)
Dragon dagger: 30,000gp (pre-pay)
Dragon mace: 50,000gp (pre-pay)
Dragon battle axe: 200,000 (pre-pay)


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