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Microsoft Windows

Contract Programming Services

Economic conditions combined with California's increasingly business-hostile climate has made it impossible for us to continue without drastic reductions in our standard of living.
Mark Jeghers is now in a full-time job position and unavailable for any contract services.
In the meantime, this website will continue to exist and morph into something new -- probably along the lines of a technology showcase and/or some useful web-based public service. Stay tuned and check back to see what happens...

Even old-time UNIX geeks (like me!) can't ignore the growth of the Microsoft Windows environment. With the advent of Windows NT and Windows 95, many architectural problems were overcome from earlier versions of Windows.

Even so, the Windows environment can be quite daunting. The design of the Win32 interface most resembles a cobweb, so the use of C++ abstraction is a must.

Technology for People offers expertise in Windows Graphical User Interfaces based on C++ using either Microsoft's Foundation Classes (MFC), Active Template Library (ATL), or Borland's ObjectWindows Library (OWL). We can also support your need to employ COM-based components and OLE Automation, allowing inter-application object linking or Visual Basic scripting extensions.

Our achievements include
PhotoViewer, which uses MFC and COM technologies, the "Chute's Out" amateur rocketry modeling system, based on Borland's ObjectWindows (OWL), and major contributions to AEA Technology's "AXSYS" suite, based on MFC and COM.
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