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X-Windows and Motif

Contract Programming Services

Economic conditions combined with California's increasingly business-hostile climate has made it impossible for us to continue without drastic reductions in our standard of living.
Mark Jeghers is now in a full-time job position and unavailable for any contract services.
In the meantime, this website will continue to exist and morph into something new -- probably along the lines of a technology showcase and/or some useful web-based public service. Stay tuned and check back to see what happens...

X-Windows may be where you are going, that much may be clear. What may not be clear is how to get there. How suitable is your equipment? Are your people adequately trained? And just how soon is this new X-based product supposed to be released?

Are you ready for all this?

This is where we come in. "Technology for People" provides crucial support in the areas of consulting, contract programming and training in the areas of X-Windows and Motif.

With X and Motif experience dating back to 1991, our specialized services can help you
  • ramp up X/Motif development efforts
  • help your X programmers build expertise at an accelerated pace
  • implement advanced features critical to your product

    Quality services can bring X-Windows within your grasp. Our contributions include:
  • the graphical core of AutoPlan(r), a popular Project Management System for both XView and Motif
  • ICCCM-compliant Layout Management tools which retain and enforce multiple screen layouts (total or partial)
  • custimozed Motif-compatable widgets including specialized numeric input fields with per-digit increment and decrement
  • advanced color and imaging applications featuring colormap programming for dynamic screen update
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