Super Yard Fighter 
Brothers 3 (18:17)
Part 3 of this epic story involving fighters who have mastered and used their powers for good or evil
The Vindicator (21:00)
This is the story of an unlikely hero rising up to the challenge of being the savior of the city of Octopolis from them corrupt crime lord Damien Martinez
Fists of Fury (6:15)
The martial arts tournament of the world has come about and the best fighters from around the globe have been gathered for the call
Chicken Legs (14:35)
Well, we didnt finish it the way we wanted to but here it is... click here for the out-takes
The 17th Parallel (20:11)
This movie is for a history final, and it's based on actual events.
Super Yard Fighter
Brother's Two (12:22)
That's right, the sequel is out
and just as action packed as
the original Yard Fighter.
Super Tim faces new friends 
and foes, we he survive? nobody knows.
RoadRash (8:31)
Check out this high octane thriller nominated as this weeks best S.C.M.F.F. race movie.
Jeff and Tim's Excellent 
Adventure (18:49)
Jeff and Tim got to choose between going on this excellent adventure or making a poster for history class. 
The S.C.M.F.F. crew believes the 
right choice had been made
Thug Life (10:59)
This movie was made for Brady, Tim, Ryan, and Aaron's english final.  It portrays a couple of "gangsta's" "livin' it up" in the "ghetto" 
[See the out-takes here]
A Hip-hop Story (10:05)
Join Michelangello in this tragic story of two pals return to jamaica from the civil war
Legend of Frijol Negro
This is an on-going story of a beast from the underworld terrorizing kids living in da' hood. 
SuperYard Fighter 
Brother's (8:53)
This team of superhero superbros have met their match in this non-stop action thriller
The Beginning (5:37)
This is where it all began, when "Squatting Tony" and "Hidden Jeff" tried to kill "Crouching Tim" and "Jumping Austin."
The Beginning Part 2 
During this tango with fate many came near to death, but there's still more to come...

The Beginning Part 3 (?:?)
Coming soon... (Probably never)
Crouching Tim Flying 
Chris Part 4 (2:55)
Crouching Tim, one of three survivors in an epic battle is on an assassin's list of people to assassinate.  Find out what happens is this exciting sequel... and prequel.
Flying Chris's Vengeance 
Part 5 (6:54)
Flying Chris has come back and is looking for revenge. Part 5 of the 7 fight sequence saga.
Crouching Tim Hidden 
Jeff Part 6 (3:48)
Crouching Tim Hidden Jeff is the story of a Japanese assassin on a mission to kill survivors of an epic battle that nearly took his life.  This film was given two thumbs up by Tim and Jeff, hope you enjoy it.
Crouching Tim Squatting 
Tony Part 7 (3:43)
This thriller is the sequel to Crouching Tim Hidden Jeff where "Crouching Tim" has found the last person that tried to kill him.  "Hidden Jeff's" brother "Squatting Tony." This is the end of the 7 fight sequence saga.
Samurai Sam (2:39)
Tim wanted to film a fight, so we did.
The Holocaust (4:02)
This film was made for an english class in 2004 and was deemed best film out of all the classes.  The scene portrayed is an excerpt from "Night."


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