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Java Technologies

Contract Programming Services

Economic conditions combined with California's increasingly business-hostile climate has made it impossible for us to continue without drastic reductions in our standard of living.
Mark Jeghers is now in a full-time job position and unavailable for any contract services.
In the meantime, this website will continue to exist and morph into something new -- probably along the lines of a technology showcase and/or some useful web-based public service. Stay tuned and check back to see what happens...

See the folks behind it all... Java Technologies are exploding all around us. With this growing goundswell of support for Java, everyone wants to get on the bandwagon, and some aren't even sure why.

In fact, there are compelling reasons to consider Java. Greater portability than ever before, a high standard of object design quality, rich framework resources for getting things done, all of these make Java a desirable platform for many kinds of software solutions.

"Technology for People" can provide support for you Java needs, both in design and development. We can provide development solutions in areas such as object design, GUI development (including Swing), TCP/IP networking, and even the use of Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) in an Internet Application Server such as BEA's WebLogic Server.

Mark Jeghers, the sole proprieter of "Technology for People", is proud to inform you of his status as a Sun Certified Java Programmer. Our training activities include presentations of courses on Java Programming and BEA WebLogic Server.

An example of our Java work can be seen here in the "Fun Stuff" section of this web site. A Java applet is used to give an interactive display of the recorded data from an altitude attempt with an amateur high-power rocket. Certain browsers will display this applet with differing degrees of quality -- this is the result of browser limitations.
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