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Nothin' but the Blues
America's truly original music form

Get answers to questions about the Blues

Learn interesting stuff about Blues performers

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Learn about Open-G tuning, Open-E tuning and Slide guitar

See what happy readers say about these blues pages

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What happy readers say about these blues pages

Lots of readers send me emails about my blues web pages. Some have interesting information, and occasional corrections, which I am grateful for. Others pose research questions to me because they are writing a book or college paper. Sometimes I know the answers, sometimes I don't.

But some just respond to tell me they've enjoyed these pages and maybe learned a thing or two. I really love the fact that these pages are brining benefit and enjoyment to others! Here are excerpts of actual emails from readers who seem pretty happy with these blues pages and the information found therein...

  • Hey dude,

    Your blues web page is great. You got all the facts right.

    Morgan Wright

  • Just wanted to thank you for such a great website on the blues. I've spent sometime on your site listening and reading. Very educational...

    Anyway, thanks again for such a fine website.


  • I stumbled onto your page while I was looking for some slide guitar info ... I love your recordings, really great stuff. Keep up the good work!


  • ...before writing her college research paper... I stumbled upon your "Blues" site and found it quite helpful for my research paper .. I hope you don't mind me using you as a source ... It's so refreshing to read your papers. Keep up the good work and I can't wait to hear your music when your "The Blues Projekt" comes out. Thank you so much,

    Colleen Sakane

  • ...after completing her college research paper... Mr. Jeghers, I used a great deal of your information about "blues" in my research paper and I got an A on it. 1250/1000. This was worth the most points of all papers. My teacher also wants a "clean" new copy of it to teach his next semester about "blues". Just wanted to to say thank you and I'm very glad I stumbled upon your page. I thought I'd give credit were credit was due.

    Thanks again, Colleen

  • Mark your site is very informative ... Just wanted to thank you for all your insight.

    Thanks Again, John The Big Dawg Antosch

  • I was wondering if I might be able to use some of your Blues Q&As in our monthly Linn County Blues Society Bluespaper as filler. I think this would be a great addition to help educate our audience regarding the Blues.

    Evan Vulich
    LCBS editor

  • Thanks Mark it's a great site for someone like me just getting started.


  • Thank you for a great web sight that has been really helpful to me.

    Kind regards

  • Luv ya site

  • Hi Mark,

    Found your site through my Yahoo browser and am I happy I did ... I really appreciate your style as it is similiar to what I want to do ... Thanks for the great site!

    Best wishes in the Blues,

    Bob Swinea aka The Right Reverend Doctor Blues :-)

  • hey mark,

    i surfed in on a link from wikipedia and found some indispencable knowledge here thanks a million mate!!!

    cheers chris

  • Terrific site, Mark ... Thanks for all the history and the info'. Learned a lot (e.g. Didley Bow).

    Best Regards,
    Carl Griffith
    Bridge City, TX

  • I have read a lot of WebPages, and visited numerous sights on this topic. And many of them have been dogmatic and or convoluted ... However, your page! is extremely insightful! Lucid! humorous! and informative! I just wanted to thank you!

    Sincerely: D

Thanks back to all of you - I love sharing Blues music, so it's awesome that folks are recieving what is offered here!

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Links to other Blues-related resources

  • RedHouse is a rockin' Blues Band which I am a member of. We hope you'll check us out and support us any way you can!

  • Texas Blues Cafe is a fantastic podcast service that plays rockin' Texas blues - they mostly showcase independant artists which might otherwise never be heard. Good stuff!

  • Atlanta Blues Society  - one of the larger groups supporting blues in the country, they also host a great streaming media service (seen next in this list).

  • ABS BluesCast, an Internet radio service that streams blues music 24/7. This service features both national talent, past and present, as well as local Atlanta blues artists that might otherwise never be heard outside the Atlanta area.

  • "Rock Before Elvis" documents the birth of rock-and-roll in detail. This site gives detailed documentation of how rock-and-roll evolved from rhythm-and-blues in the late 1940s, and not the plagiarizing white performers of the early 1950s. Note: I am a white caucasian and a political conservative who feels no racial guilt, so I have no "white-bashing" axe to grind here. I just don't like seeing blues history wrongly revised, and blacks did get the short end of the stick at the time. C'mon, fair is fair.

  • James River Blues Society has a pretty cool web site, including reviews of blues CDs. They also list clubs, musicians and events in their local area of Virginia. I wish I they were closer to me (I'm in San Jose, CA) so I could go jam with them at their meetings...  :-)

  • MO BLUES is a mid-Missouri blues club with an interesting web site. They have interesting photos and links to many of their local bands.

  • Big Road Blues has news features and archives, plus info about slide guitar and harmonica playing.

  • is primarily about playing harmonica (aka "harp"), including self-paced lessons. But the best part is their extensive collection of blues lyrics.

  • The Official Muddy Waters Website pays tribute to one of my favorite bluesmen.

  • The Official Howlin' Wolf Website pays tribute to another great blues artist (and they sell a great DVD there as well).

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