Repentance (2:47)
Here's an english project that we made in 10 minutes
Scarlet Letter (4:02)
We had problems with our footage 3 times and since it was due the next day we had to redo it with almost no sunlight, still a classic
2Road 2 Rash Trailer
It's almost here! were almost done with the post-production of 2Road 2Rash.  All that's left to do is film a few shots and put them in the movie.
Promo Video #2
The second S.C.M.F.F. promo video
Chicken Legs Out-takes
Here's the infamous chicken legs out-takes
Hawaii 5-0 (12:55) 
This was filmed mainly on a hi-8 camera and was for Chris's brother's english class, it just happebed to be edited by us.
Health in Spanish (4:31) 
Here's another class project that was filmed by the S.C.M.F.F. crew.  It's Jeff's first published editing job. This movie is in here because it lacks originality and is poorly edited. 
S.C.M.F.F. promo video One
This is the original S.C.M.F.F. promo video
Thug Life out-takes (2:44)
These are some of the crunkest out-takes around 
I'm straight up "fo' sho' 'bout dat' too"
ROTLTMNS Trailer (1:23)
Here's the trailer to the hit "Return of the Last Teenage Mutant Ninja Samurai."
Return of the Last Teenage 
Mutant Ninja Samurai 
Tim Jeghers and Michael Dennis had to make a film on the steps to making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, so we put it up here.
PB&J (6:34) 
Tim Jeghers and Michael Dennis had to make a film on the steps to making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, so we put it up here.
Spy Movie (8:55)
We got our guns and wanted to film something with them, so Tim and Chris made this... fine piece of... work....
Deleted Fight 1 (5:49) 
This movie was removed not just because it was bad but because when the video was saved the computer did something and threw off all the editing.  So this movie didn't look like complete crap from the start
Thug Life (10:59)
This was an english final and it depicts one boys transformation into a full blooded gangsta
A Hip hop Story (10:05)
A test for green screen that actually has no green screen in it, but it's kind of funny
Frijol Negro Returns (12:53)
A bad sequel that doesn't have an ending... enjoy!!
Frijol Negro (8:52)
Our first try at a horror movie
Super Yard Fighter 
Brother's (8:53)
Here is where the whole Yard Fighter Saga began.  We we're inspired to make this movie after an intense match of super smash brothers and this was the product of too much kool aide and a camera.
The Beginning (5:37) 
This is the start of the whole 7 part fight story
The Beginning Part 2 
There's a part 3 that we never made and never will
Crouching Tim Flying 
Chris Part 4 (2:55)
Part 4 of the fight series
Flying Chris's Vengeance 
Part 5 (6:54)
Part 5 was one of many bad fight movies we started off with
Crouching Tim Hidden 
Jeff Part 6 (3:48)
Part 6 is another movie we decided to showcase to show where we came from
Crouching Tim Squatting 
Tony Part 7 (3:43)
Part 7 this was probably the 6th movie we ever made
Samurai Sam (2:39) 
Tim and Chris made this to test effects
The Holocaust (4:02)
This is a classic film made at the beginning of Tim's career and is based on the book "Night"

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