(Right now we don't have any online shopping cart system set up so if you're interested ordering anything e-mail us at tim@t4p.com or talk to Tim personally if you know him.)

S.C.M.F.F. Volume One

-Super Yard Fighter Bros. 1 and 2
-Jeff and Tim's Excellent Adventure
-Thug Life
-Road Rash
-Promo's, clips, and other unreleased work

Price: $5.00

S.C.M.F.F. Volume Two

-The 17th Parallel
-Chicken Legs
-Pool Fight
-The Beginning Remastered
-Hawaii 5-0

Price: $5.00

S.C.M.F.F. Volume Three

-Super Yard Fighter Bros. 3
-The Vindicator
-Backstreet Men (2 videos)
-Fists of Fury
-Promotional video's and previews

Price: $5.00

Over The Edge Volume One

-2Road 2Rash
-Myspace Mayhem
-Part of the Job
-Promo's, previews, commercials,
and several class assignment videos

Price: $5.00

Over The Edge Volume Two Soon to come
As of now there are no clothes.
We do have several designs ready to produce
Sit tight while we work on producing some clothes

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