Super Yard Fighter Bros. 
Four - Part 1 (14:25)
Super Yard Fighter Brothers Four (The final countdown)?! That's right it's final here and the story will soon be concluded with the second half
The Real World (3:22)
The first releases song and video from Grand Theft (featuring Lil' Tizzle and Rob-dog) about the real world and the going downs in the hood
Golden Rule (6:23)
Learn how to treat others in this educational musical about sex, drug addictions, and drama beyond compare
DVD Commercial  (3:32)
S.C.M.F.F. DVD's

Volume 1, 2, and 3!!!
$5 each click here!!

The Last of S.C.M.F.F. 
you'll ever see

O.T.E. Promo #1
This is the first official Over The Edge Promo, there is no more S.C.M.F.F.
Honor (14:27)
Two ninja's in training have been sent on a quest to retrieve their people's sacred icon.  What challenges and tribulations await these two... find out!
Myspace Mayhem (4:56)
All the passwords on myspace have been stolen!  What will happen to myspace!? Will anyone save it?! Find out myspace's fate
2Road 2Rash (12:08)
Here it is! The sequel to RoadRash is finally here, with guest appearrances by Andy Villarreal, Steve Shelton, and Rob Rowland
Part of the Job (5:00)
Here's our first attempt at a serious movie, overall our reviews were decent at the online film festivals Student and Chimera Lighting
All I have to give (4:35)
Man are these getting old, don't worry though.  We got all kinds of projects in the making right now.
Over The Edge Promo (4:13)
Find out what Over The Edge is all about and see how S.C.M.F.F. turned into it in this promotional video 
I want it that way (3:48)
Check out this hot new boyband.  Under the label "Over The Edge Records" this group is hitting the top of our hearts
Show me the meaning of being lonely (3:59)
You're a sad, sad, sad person if this doesn't bring a tear to your eye... and to answer the rumor going around,        WE. ARE. NOT. GAY.
Auto Insurance (1:36)
Need affordable auto insurance?!?!  See what over the edge has to offer you.
Super Yard Fighter 
Brothers 3 (18:17)
Part 3 of this epic story involving fighters who have mastered and used their powers for good or evil
The Vindicator (21:00)
The Vindicator is the story of a man who was cured of a life long disease that had kept him in bed all of his life, and when his friend who developed the cure gave it to him, not only did he recover but he received super powers
Fists of Fury (6:15)
The world's martial arts tournament has come around and its a fight to the death
Chicken Legs (14:35)
This is the story of a group of kids just hanging out that face the ferociousness of an 7 foot tall chicken
The 17th Parallel (20:11)
This was a history final based on the vietnam war and the control of the 17th parallel, (that's right it's not just a cool movie title)
Promo Video #2
The second S.C.M.F.F. promo video
Super Yard Fighter 
Brothers 2 (12:22)
The sequel of probably the most classic movie ever produced by S.C.M.F.F. that led to the sequel of a sequel
RoadRash (8:31)
It's a race to the bitter end as three contestants put their lives on the line to win the prize
Jeff and Tim's Excellent 
Adventure (18:49)
A most excellent adventure full of whacky zany characters such as Hitler, Mussolini, Jeff, Tim, and the man himself Mr. Runyon.

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