Tim Jeghers 

Tim Jeghers after being a major founder of S.C.M.F.F. a.k.a. (Super Cool Mega Fantastic Films), decided the group needed to take a big step in a more artistic serious movement  and got the process of creating Over The Edge.   Tim also likes holding hands, playing acoustic guitar, and crying

Status:  Actor / Editor / Filmer

Tony Funston 

Tony one of the most hardcore extreme film making lovers along with Tim is one of our most important members when it comes to anything related to the group, especially getting projects going

Status:  Actor /  Filmer / Editor

Chris Forbes

Chris Forbes, also known as of late as (Chris McEmo McGay) has been a major member of the crew since before it was even S.C.M.F.F. along with Tim... (man that was a long time ago) ...and since then he has been a steady non-drug/milk/negro/male-orriented cast member

Status:  Actor / Filmer

Jeff Funston

After being arrested for getting in a rough tickle fight at a gay bar in downtown san jose Jeff gave up on his life as a homosexual and moved on to girls of african american heritage and milk.  He also found himself in S.C.M.F.F. now Over The Edge, and is still getting in our way 

Status:  Actor / Filmer

Austin McQuay

Austin McQuay after long days of surfing and walking on the boardwalk he found himself spending the rest of his day on a trampoline with Tony Funston and Tim Jeghers.  After one intense minute of being on it he broke his nose and we felt so bad for him we let him join Over The Edge

Status:  Actor /  Filmer / Editor

Brady Fischer

Brady Fischer an all around good guy joined the crew at the peak of S.C.M.F.F.'s altitude, and is now riding the popular-elevator-of-popularity with all the over the edge members.  The question about his homosexual relations with Michael Dennis are still unanswered

Status:  Actor / Filmer

Danny Forbes

Daniel Martin Forbes the older of the Forbes brothers came into the film group right as we transitioned from S.C.M.F.F. and has since been a medium level member to the group.  He made his debut in Super Yard Fighter Bros. 3.   And was hence suspended after being apprehended while in the midst of several female minors from the ages of 11 to 15

Status:  Actor / Filmer

Robert Rowland

Rob is ote's newest member and has been in the movies; 2Road 2Rash, the Real World, Honor and many more to come

Status:  Actor / Filmer

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